Dario Sogmaister

My technique

My work comes to life starting from a sketch I first draw; I then follow the lines of the sketch and cover them with thin pieces of wood: the spaces in between the lines I then fill with cement.

Fragments of stone are arranged on the cement before It hardens. Each fragment is broken from the stone with a hammer and then shaped with a pincer.

The section of mosaic must be made even, using a wooden level and a hammer – this way imperfections are removed. I go on this way, finishing a section of mosaic and arranging a new one.

Once all sections are complete, the mosaic must be cleaned with an acid substance to remove parts of cement that may cover the stones. Stones are then brightened with a different and specific substance.

When work is completed I fix It on a holder and according to one’s liking the mosaic can be fixed in a wall (inlaid) or in a wooden frame or in a wrought-iron frame; sometimes mosaic can be created inside a stone itself or sometimes inside a piece of wood, both carved first.

Mosaic is a work out of time for Its technique and because It’s long lasting-Its greatness outlives. Mosaic techniques have reached our days taking along evidence of civilizations. Mosaic can give way to personal meanings which exceed the work Itself. My creations, using my technique, have the goal to represent my experiences using materials offered by nature in all Its generosity and, by all means, I wish to repay nature with the same generosity through my work.