My story

I grew up in Camp, a small village in the outskirt of Santa Giustina, province of Belluno. My native village is located on the right side of the River Piave where as a boy I used to go playing and fishing; thanks to my relationship with the environment I’ve learnt to love and enhance the value of my land and Its simple origins and appreciated It in all Its shades. Life has seen me challenge difficult moments during my childhood, shaping my character and teaching me to appreciate life in all its shades.

During my artistic carrier I’ve used all sorts of materials to create: I’ve given shape to iron, carved wood and learned from papier-mache craftsmen in Viareggio (Italy) to work with papier-mache and give life to my imagination. It was thanks to a mosaic in Efeso (Greece), created in stone more than 3000 years ago that my work came to a start – It captured my imagination giving me the bases for the creation of my personal mosaics, matching stone after stone trying to reproduce places I knew as a child, aspects of my land and of my mountains.

Since then I’ve achieved experience, technique has improved more and more, the stones I work with have become smaller and smaller, pictures richer with details.
I’ve nourished experience through errors, advices from art experts and art critics, managing to build a personal method of my own, unique till now.